This series, called Made for More, will be looking at how God has designed us for freedom and abundance in the areas of work, relationships, finances, and other aspects of our real day-to-day lives.

Sunday, May 28th, 2017
This week, Nick concludes our Made For More Series speaking about how God has more for us in the words that we say. Jesus gave us authority, so when we speak our words have power. He encouraged us to access this power of kingdom-aligned speech to bring life everywhere we go.

Sunday May 21, 2017
In this week's Made for More message, Nick spoke on Relationships. We looked at how forgiveness is key to unlocking life and health in past, present and future relationships. He also gave biblical wisdom from the Proverbs on how to establish healthy life-giving relationships.

Made for More: Relationships
Due to technical difficulties, there is no audio recording available for this week's message. We will be back online on the 28th! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sunday May 14, 2017
Continuing our Made for More series, Nick spoke on what it looks like to truly flourish in the workplace. We walked through a theology of work, and what God has created and called us to do with our lives. 

Sunday May 7, 2017
In this week's message, Nick looks at 2 of Jesus's parables on finances and the kingdom. We are invited into a lifestyle of generosity that brings increased freedom into our lives. 

Sunday April 30, 2017
This week, Nick spoke about how we are called to freedom. We were made for more than a life controlled by hangups, habits and hurts. 

Due to technical difficulties, we do not have an audio recording of this service available. We will resume our podcast next Sunday. Sorry for any inconvenience

Sunday April 23, 2017
Today, we launched our new series 'Made For More' where we are exploring how to step into more of what God has made available to us through Jesus. Today Nick described how the things of the kingdom are accessed through faith, and that when we exercise faith to let go of our old lives, we make room for the "more" that God has for us.