At the start of 2019, we’re kicking off the year by looking at what it means to be a family that brings life to the city, laying hold of Gods’s dreams and plans for everyone around us, every day, everywhere.

Sunday 3rd February, 2019

As a church, our hope – and Jesus' plan – for our lives is that we would regularly see people come to faith in Him. But how do we start? What practical steps can we take, even this week, to get out into the world and bring life?

Sunday 28th January, 2019

Jesus trusted His ministry to storytellers, people like us who'll just go and tell the story. Every one of us has a story of when we met Jesus. And as we show up and share what God's done in our lives, we step into the very thing we're made for – to be a signpost to Jesus and His kingdom.

Sunday 20th January, 2019

As we start our new series on bringing life to the city, we take in the life to the full that's now ours through Jesus. As we begin to live and root our minds and hearts in gospel reality, we can live differently tomorrow. 


Beginning Sunday June 4th

This summer, we are journeying through this series entitled: Limitless. We are going to spend the summer growing in prayer, and laying hold of the impossible. We believe that nothing is impossible for God, and we can see the world change when we pray. 

Sunday September 3rd, 2017
How do you keep prayer going? Where do you get the momentum that keeps prayer right at the center of your life? Today Nick walked us through John 5 to show us how Jesus did it. 

Sunday August 27th, 2017
This week Nick addresed the question, "How can we pray for people in our lives who need physical, spiritual, or emotional healing?" Jesus tells us it's all available, and that we can encounter God's kindness in these ways today.

Sunday August 20th, 2017
As we step into our 21 days of prayer as a community, today Nick looked at the two prayers that God always loves to answer - how do we connect to him more, and how do we disconnect from things that take us from him? 

Sunday August 13th, 2017
This week, Todd Proctor joined us to talk about the freedom we have to bring our whole, real lives before God. There is freedom to be honest, passionate, and real in our communication with God, even though it might not come naturally to us yet.

Sunday August 6th, 2017
This week, Nick spoke about how a life following Jesus is a life of risk. He spoke on barriers we face in stepping out in faith, and how to overcome fear in order to follow where Jesus is calling us to. 

Sunday July 30th, 2017
This week, Nick spoke about how our prayers can become more effective. God is so kind that He doesn't just teach us how to pray, but teaches us how to become effective in prayer. 

Sunday July 23rd, 2017
In this week's message, Nick spoke about what it looks like for us to truly step into friendship with God. In prayer, we can share our pain with Him and share in His pain as we learn to intercede for the things that break His heart. 

Sunday July 16th, 2017
In this week's message, Nick spoke on how prayer is an act of spiritual warefare. He looked at how, through prayer, and specifically through prayer-as-worship, we can push back darkness and see God's victory break through in our lives. *Due to technical issues, we do not have audio available for this message


Sunday July 9, 2017
In this week's message, Keri looked at why, and how we pray through Worship by walking through Psalm 100. Worship is one of the most common forms of prayer we can read in the scriptures. It puts us in right relationship to God, and it enables us to learn communicate with God with passion and honesty. 

Sunday July 2, 2017
As we continue our Limitless series on Prayer, this week Nick spoke about what it means to pray in alignment with God's dreams and His will. We walked through the Lord's prayer and talked about the great exchange of our kingdoms for His Kingdom.

Sunday June 25th, 2017
This week we looked at how many of us have promises we are waiting to receive but which often feel just out of reach. As we looked through the gospel of Luke and the book of Daniel we learned that God might be more interested in our process than the promise itself. 


Sunday June 18th, 2017
This week Keri walked us through practical steps to laying hold of God's promises in our life. We looked at the life of Moses, and his process of prayer in the midst of need. 

Sunday June 11th, 2017
This week's message is based out of the book Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. We looked at the story of Joshua and the battle at Jericho, and what it looks like for us to stand on the promises that God has made. Nick unpacked how we can be a people who pray in faith, and see God move in miraculous ways.

Sunday June 4th, 2017
This Sunday is Pentecost - the birthday of the Church. In this week's message, Nick spoke on how God's original plan was to dwell with His people, and how He is making good on that promise even today through the gift of the Holy Spirit. 


This series, called Made for More, will be looking at how God has designed us for freedom and abundance in the areas of work, relationships, finances, and other aspects of our real day-to-day lives.

Sunday, May 28th, 2017
This week, Nick concludes our Made For More Series speaking about how God has more for us in the words that we say. Jesus gave us authority, so when we speak our words have power. He encouraged us to access this power of kingdom-aligned speech to bring life everywhere we go.

Sunday May 21, 2017
In this week's Made for More message, Nick spoke on Relationships. We looked at how forgiveness is key to unlocking life and health in past, present and future relationships. He also gave biblical wisdom from the Proverbs on how to establish healthy life-giving relationships.

Made for More: Relationships
Due to technical difficulties, there is no audio recording available for this week's message. We will be back online on the 28th! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sunday May 14, 2017
Continuing our Made for More series, Nick spoke on what it looks like to truly flourish in the workplace. We walked through a theology of work, and what God has created and called us to do with our lives. 

Sunday May 7, 2017
In this week's message, Nick looks at 2 of Jesus's parables on finances and the kingdom. We are invited into a lifestyle of generosity that brings increased freedom into our lives. 

Sunday April 30, 2017
This week, Nick spoke about how we are called to freedom. We were made for more than a life controlled by hangups, habits and hurts. 

Due to technical difficulties, we do not have an audio recording of this service available. We will resume our podcast next Sunday. Sorry for any inconvenience

Sunday April 23, 2017
Today, we launched our new series 'Made For More' where we are exploring how to step into more of what God has made available to us through Jesus. Today Nick described how the things of the kingdom are accessed through faith, and that when we exercise faith to let go of our old lives, we make room for the "more" that God has for us. 

Sunday April 16th, 2017
In this message, on Easter Sunday, Nick told the story of the resurrection and how God speaks the final word of hope, even when thing seem hopeless. He reminded us that the power that raised Jesus from the dead is still at work in us today, and He has entrusted us with this power to bring life until Jesus returns. 


We are going to take the next 6 weeks to look at some of the big questions we all have at one point or another: “who are we” “what does God think of us?” “why are we here?” “how do we maintain hope in this world?” and  “what were we made to do?” The book of Ephesians dives right into these things, reminding us of who God says we are, and what our purpose is in life. 


Sunday February 26th, 2017
Nick Fox shares about our new series on Ephesians entitled: Becoming Who We Are." This message "You are a saint" looks at how God sees us when we are in Christ. 

Sunday March 5th, 2017
In our second week in our Ephesians series. Nick teaches about Spiritual adoption, and how God not only accepts us, but chooses us to be His children. 

Sunday March 12th, 2017
In our third week in our Ephesians series, Nick teaches on chapter 2 - unpacking how we are not only rescued, but also given authority and purpose.  It is an invitation to lay hold of the life we've been given, and bring life everywhere we go.

Sunday March 19th, 2017
In this week's message, Nick Fox looks at Paul's prayer for the church of Ephesus in Ephesians chapter 3. The prayer is centered around asking God for power and love to fill and strengthen His church to enable us step into the "more" He has for us. 

Sunday March 26th, 2017. 
In this week's message, Nick Fox looks at God's ultimate plan to unite all things in Himself through Jesus, and how He gives gifts to the church to continue the outworking of His plan through us.

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017
In this, our 6th week in our series on Ephesians, Nick Fox spoke about Paul's charge for us to be filled with the Spirit. We walked through what it looks like to receive the Holy Spirit, and how He empowers us to live the life we were made for. 

Sunday, April 9th, 2017
In this, our last week in our Ephesians series, Keri spoke on spiritual warfare, and what it looks like for us to take up the armor of God, and how to stand firm in Christ.