Receiving Healing

WEEK THREE PRAYER FOCUS: Contending (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Day Twenty: Receiving Healing

Today's First Passage: 2 Chronicles 7:14b “…and heal their land."

Prayer changes things. It isn’t just a mental exercise or a theoretical conversation. Prayer invites the Creator of the Universe to move and create and restore and renew things in our lives and in the world. So, it shouldn’t surprise us that when we seek God and contend in prayer that healing breaks out in and around us. 

There are countless examples in the Bible of God healing in so many different ways. Usually the first thing to come to mind is how He heals bodies - we see him healing paralysis, skin conditions, fevers, mental illness, and even those who have died - bringing them back to life! But He doesn’t just stop with bodies, God heals families, and nations and societies. He brings peace to lands that have known decades of war. He brings prosperity and fruitfulness to places that have been in years of drought and despair. He brings a tangible expression of His presence to places that have previously been known only for wickedness - all because His people prayed. 


  • Are there any areas in my body or in my life that need healing? (Ask God to heal - it’s what He does.)
  • Do I have an expectancy in my heart that God will heal as a result of my prayers? (If not, ask God to teach you even more about His nature to heal and about the power of your prayers.) 
  • In what ways does your land need healing? What would your city or nation look like if God’s healing broke out there? (Pray for this to become reality.) 


Work through these scriptures, letting them sink into your heart, and wrapping your own words around them or yourself, your family, our church and for our city. 

For yourself/your family:  Col 1:19-20

For Commonwealth:  Col 1:19-20

For the City: Jeremiah 33:6-7


Find someone that needs God to bring healing into their life in some way. Pray with them in faith that God responds to your prayers. Then share your story of how it went with us (on this app or online).