Receiving Forgiveness

WEEK THREE PRAYER FOCUS: Contending (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Day Nineteen: Receiving Forgiveness

Today's First Passage: 2 Chronicles 7:14b “…then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins."

Prayer isn’t just about asking, it’s also about receiving. In this great exchange with God that we call prayer, we are meant to interact with Him - to trade our sorrows for His joy, to trade our fear for His hope, to trade our questions for His answers, and to trade our confessions for His forgiveness. 

Part of contending prayer is learning to receive and live into what God is giving us. This passage says that as we humbly come to our Father in prayer, and seek His face, and turn our hearts away from sin and toward Him, He will forgive. He promises to respond and to forgive. He is not a withholding God. He will not give us the cold shoulder while we wait and wonder if He will come around. He tells us ahead of time, “I will always forgive you when you turn to me.”

So we must learn to receive this forgiveness and live as though it is true. We should leave the place of prayer free from guilt and shame, and full of gratitude and love because we know we’ve been forgiven.


  • Are there things I’ve already confessed to God, but I’m still carrying guilt and shame about? Ask God to help you have the faith to believe that you are truly forgiven.
  • Does my life look like someone who is free and forgiven? What patterns in my life still evidence a hint of shame in my heart? Ask God to heal these areas and to learn to enjoy His forgiveness.
  • Jesus said that those who have been forgiven much, love much. Is God’s love flowing freely out of your life onto others? 


Work through these scriptures, letting them sink into your heart, and wrapping your own words around them or yourself, your family, our church and for our city. 

For yourself/your family:  John 8:36

For Commonwealth:  Matthew 26:28

For the City: Numbers 14:18


If you still have any regrets or shame that you’re carrying in your heart, confess them to God and ask Him to show you how to truly receive His forgiveness, and to live free. It may help to write it down on a piece of paper and burn it or shred it as a tangible reminder that this is completely removed from your life. 

Then, recall the ways that God has forgiven you, and let this overflow into love for God and others in your life.