Seeking His Face

WEEK THREE PRAYER FOCUS: Contending (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Day Seventeen: Seeking His Face

Today's First Passage: 2 Chronicles 7:14b “…pray and seek My face…”

Imagine for a moment that you have a teenage daughter. She walks in to the living room, where you are relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee. She walks by you while looking at Instagram on her phone, doesn’t look up, but sticks out her hand and says, “Can I have the car keys?”

How does that feel to you? Yes, you love your daughter. Yes, you’re happy for her to use your car, but don’t you want, more than anything else, for her to look you in the eyes when she speaks to you? It’s no different with God. 

So often, our human hearts can get distracted from the ultimate truth that the reward of our prayers is God himself. Way more than getting answers, we get to be with Him. He is looking for people who will seek His face, not just his hand. It isn’t that we shouldn’t ask him for help, but we must not forget to look to Him, to seek His face, to connect in the process. 

God is too good to let us settle for getting what we want, but missing Him. He knows that the promise isn’t really the promise without His presence. We must remind our hearts that at the center of every time of prayer is encounter, then partnership, then the unfolding of God’s will in our world. 


  • What are some ways I can seek God’s face? What does that look like in my relationship with God?
  • What are the distractions that are keeping me from looking to Him?
  • Do I value His presence more than what He can do for me? Ask the Spirit to help you learn to value God above all else.


Work through these scriptures, letting them sink into your heart, and wrapping your own words around them for yourself, your family, our church and for our city. 

For yourself/your family:  Colossians 3:1-2

For Commonwealth:  Psalm 24:5-6

For the City: Jeremiah 29:7


Create space for you to seek God’s face. This may look different for every person, so we don’t want to prescribe a way to do this. But set aside some time in prayer to simply be with Him, to try to listen for what He might want to say, to experience what He is feeling. Remind your heart that God is a Person, not only a power - and that He loves to interact with you.