Declare God's Goodness

WEEK TWO PRAYER FOCUS: Worship (Psalm 100:1-5)

Day Twelve: Declare His Goodness

Today's First Passage: Psalm 100:5

The Goodness of God is one of the most fiercely contested truths in our generation. The majority of the non-Christian world either believes that God is uninterested or angry, (or both). And for us, at Commonwealth specifically, from the very beginning, we felt like one of the major missions God has given us is to show San Diego that He is good. 

Knowing and believing that God is good makes all of the other parts of worship we’ve discussed possible and sustainable. You only can celebrate God when you believe He is good. You will only adore someone who is good. You won’t want to embrace intimacy with God unless He is good and trustworthy. And who gives thanks for things that are bad? Embracing the goodness of God is one of the pillars of a life of faith, and therefore it only makes sense for us to strengthen and reinforce this by declaring it in our prayer lives. Our own hearts need to hear, and our world desperately needs to hear that God is good - it opens up the door for Him to do His best work in us and through us.


Is it hard or easy for me to believe that God is good?

What could be getting in the way of me trusting in His goodness?

Would those who spend time with me know that I believe that God is good?

In what ways could I declare His goodness more, both in my prayer life and in my everyday environments?


      Work through these scriptures, letting them sink into your heart, and wrapping your own words around them for yourself, your family, our church and for our city. 

      For yourself/your family: Psalm 89:1-2

        For Commonwealth: Psalm 145:9

          For the City:  1 Chronicles 29:11

            DAY TWELVE PRAYER CHALLENGE: Look for an opportunity today to declare God’s goodness to your world. Maybe it’s in a conversation with a friend, or a post on your social media giving thanks to God for something He has done for you. Be a bearer of good news today.