WEEK TWO PRAYER FOCUS: Worship (Psalm 100:1-5)

Day Eight: Celebration

Today we begin week 2 in our prayer journey. In this first week, we looked at the Lord's Prayer, and how to pray as Jesus taught us. This week, we’ll be looking at how worship is a key part of our prayer life. We will look at some psalms and passages on worship, and learn to bring our heart before God in praise, in song, and in words that come from the heart.

It’s a great idea to keep journaling throughout this 21 day prayer journey. You can use the journal feature right here on the app, or write in a journal you have. During this week, take some time to write out your prayers of worship. Express what you’re feeling, and how you see God moving in your life. Praise Him for what He’s done, what He’s doing and what He will do. This is an essential part of our prayer lives. 

Today's First Passage: Psalm 100:1-2

This passage starts with the words “Shout for joy!” and ends by calling us to sing “joyful songs.” So often when we first think of prayer, we think of quiet, sedated, even silent moments in the dark with a candle. But that is only one expression of prayer. The majority of the biblical examples of prayer are much more loud - they include singing loudly of what God has done, groans serving as prayers when you don’t have words, dancing, clanging cymbals, resounding trumpets and instruments of all kinds. When you begin to integrate worship into your prayer life, your prayers can become a party.

The key words in this passage are “Shout,” “joy,” and “gladness.”Prayer wasn’t designed to be boring. There is no one greater, no one more exciting, no one more worth shouting about than God. His works are better than the buzzer-beater shot at a basketball game, that overtime touchdown, the shock and joy of a surprise party, or a night of dancing at your best friend's wedding. He is meant to be enjoyed, not just conceptually, but with our whole being.


  • Do I view prayer as boring or something that’s joyful and exciting? Why?
  • What kinds of things in life get me excited enough to shout or sing or dance for joy? Could I imagine feeling this way about God?
  • What kinds of amazing things has God done in my life, and what would it look like for me to outwardly celebrate that?
  • What would a genuine expression of celebrating God look like for me? 


Work through these scriptures, letting them sink into your heart, and wrapping your own words around them for yourself, your family, our church and for our city. 

For yourself/your family: Psalm 98:4-6

For Commonwealth:  Psalm 95:1

For the City:  Isaiah 35:1-3


Give a “prayer party” a try. Find a way to celebrate God today, not only in your mind, but also with your shouts, songs, gladness, dancing, whatever you can. It might be helpful to find a place where no one can see or hear you, turn on some worship music loud enough that you can sing passionately, and try out singing or shouting for joy. It might feel strange or foreign, but actually, you were made for this.