Encounter nights are just that - nights set apart to Encounter God and be changed. We are committed to being a community that doesn't just talk about God, but one that engages with God and allows Him to change us, lead us, fill us and send us out into the world to bring life. 


Our next encounter night is
June 26th with Mike Pilavachi

 Mike Pilavachi is the founder of Soul Survivor Ministries in Watford, England, and is also the Senior Pastor of Soul Survivor Church in Watford. He and his team have hosted youth festivals in the summer where they have seen thousands of young people encounter God and come to faith each year. He is a gifted teacher, and has a great capacity to minister in the prophetic. You won't want to miss the chance to hear him teach, and to hear God speak to you through him. So, join us on June 26th, and invite your world.