Healing On The Streets

This Saturday, we launched a weekly outreach called Healing on the Streets. It is one way we are joining with God to see lives changed in San Diego. The idea is incredibly simple, we just meet in the park, set out some chairs and signs that read: “healing,” and then offer prayer for healing to those who pass by. 
It's incredible to see what God can do through something so simple. This past weekend, over a dozen people sat down in the chairs and let our team pray for them and with them. We prayed for new job opportunities, for healing of painful backs, for healing of anxiety and depression and for God to restore life and health in every area of people’s lives. We saw pain reduce and peace rest upon people as they sat in the chairs. We even had the privilege of praying with four people to open their hearts to Jesus and to begin a relationship with Him. 
Healing was, and still is, a hallmark of Jesus’ ministry, and we’re committed to continuing this ministry in our city. So we will be gathering every Saturday morning from 10a-12p, rain or shine, in Balboa park, setting up some signs and chairs, and praying for healing. If you are injured, or ill, or suffering, or anxious, or discouraged, or in need of healing of any kind. We would be honored to pray with you, and watch God do what He does best: amaze us, and bring life. 
Stay in touch here on the blog in upcoming weeks for stories and reports from HOTS (healing on the streets) in Balboa park.