Deck the Halls

We hope by now you've heard the good news that we've found a location for our Sunday Gatherings! We're launching on February 26th at Golden Hill Elementary, and we couldn't be more excited to be a part of this community and to see all that God does in this amazing place.


During this holiday season we're doing all we can to prepare to launch! One of the ways we're getting ready for our Sunday services is through the Deck the Halls Campaign. Deck the halls is our plan to collect every item we need to transform this school into a sanctuary every Sunday morning. We believe that God has called us to create a space where people from Golden Hill and all over San Diego can be welcomed like family, hear the word of God, have an opportunty to worship Him and engage with God's presence and be strengthened in their walk with Jesus. So we're in the process of gathering decor and sound equipment and lighting and children's ministry supplies to be able to create a life-giving church environment each week in Golden Hill Elementary. 


This holiday season we are asking if you would participate in our Deck the Halls campaign help us transform this school cafetorium into our sanctuary. This is your opportunity to have your fingerprints on Commonwealth's story from the very beginning.


There are a few ways for you to hop in and help out. First, we've made a simple and fun online registry (think baby shower) of all we need to put together our portable church. There are items ranging from $4 crayons to several thousand dollars for sound equipment and facilities. You can go to to see the registry, pick out any item and have it shipped directly to us. The other way you can help Deck the Halls is by making a monetary gift.  On our giving page you can make a one time gift or even sign up to support Commonwealth monthly.


In the midst of this campaign, we've been reminded that this sort of thing is a familiar act for the people of God. In Scripture, a similar scenario to Deck the Halls plays out when God first established a regular rhythm of his people gathering together to worship Him. In Exodus 35 it describes the tabernacle taking shaper as each one contributed what they could - either materials or skills - to build their portable place of worship. In the midst of the desert, God drew his people together, used the resources He had already given them, and created a "portable church" that they could set up as a place of worship and a sign of God's presence with them, wherever they went.


So, we're following in their footsteps. We still believe that the people of God need a place to worship. We still believe that our God is moving and it's our job to be as flexible as we can to keep in step with Him. We still believe that He has already given us - his Church (across the world) what we need to see lives, cities and nations changed. Now we follow Him and do what he puts in our hearts to do for His kingdom.  


We are so grateful for your partnership in helping San Diego see that God is good and near this holiday season. We could not do this alone. Your prayers, support, skills and encouragement are making our dream of seeing the city of San Diego become "as it is in heaven" - a reality.