September 18th Meet Up

Last night we hosted our first meet up at Moniker General in Point Loma. It was an amazing night of new connections, hearing new stories, and meeting more people who have a love for San Diego and a heart to see God do good things here. We laughed, played a few games of corn hole and chatted over coffee from Moniker, and nomad donuts. 

For the last 15 minutes of the meet up, Nick and I shared our story of how we came to faith, how we began to dream of starting a new church in San Diego, and what some of our vision and dreams are for Commonwealth. 

The first piece of vision we shared last night was about our unique purpose as a local church in San Diego. As we were praying about planting here, we began to ask God, "What unique and specific purpose do you have for us in this city? There are many great churches in the area, and we look forward to joining them in reaching San Diego, but what are you leading us to do specifically? How can Commonwealth serve, love and bless the people of San Diego?" And we felt Him speak to us that some of the main reasons He's placing us here is to demonstrate to San Diego that God is good, and that God is near. 

So many of us at different points in our lives think of God as if He's "far out there somewhere" and therefore, not interested or invested in the details of our lives. We think things like "He might be good, but He's too busy to worry about me." or "Lots of people have it worse, God probably needs to worry about them." We are passionate to share and show people that God isn't just looking down on us from heaven, but that He's also here in our midst - speaking, healing, comforting, and bringing life to individuals every day. 

Another main misunderstanding about God that's easy to fall into comes from the pain we all walk through in our lives. The suffering, broken relationships, sickness and heartache that we can and do experience in our lives might tempt us into thinking that God isn't good, or that He doesn't care about us. This world is indeed broken, and no one lives a lifetime without any pain or suffering, but our aim as a church community is to share the good news that Jesus stepped into our suffering, that He knows every kind of pain that we face, and he has shown us the way to victory over death, pain, despair and  hopelessness. We long to be a church community that not only speaks about, but shows people the loving and compassionate heart of God, and how to embrace the life that He has to give. 

We'd love to have you join us at our next meet up on October 2nd at Moniker General from 5-6pm. For more information visit our meet ups page, or check out our facebook event for it.