Bring Life - Healing Conference

We are beyond excited to host Bring Life - Healing Conference this August.  

Our aim is to equip the church to routinely do the things Jesus did during His ministry in the gospels. Everywhere Jesus went he brought life, and it's still the same today.  One of the ways he brought life was through healing those who were sick, disease ridden, or injured. In fact, more than a fifth of the Gospel accounts are devoted to the healing ministry of Jesus, no matter how hard we might try there is no escaping the fact that Jesus ‘routinely’ healed people.  As the Church is called to carry the works of Jesus forward we must be equipped to minister healing in our everyday lives.  

This conference isn’t just a time to come and find healing, although Jesus is kind and will do that. Bring Life is a conference that is going to give you the tools to release healing in your ordinary everyday life. With this in mind at some point during our time together we will hit the streets and give away what has been given to us. We will visit neighboring parks and shopping centers in an effort to partner with Jesus to bring healing those who need it.

We know that hosting a conference before your church is planted is highly unusual but the truth is, our journey to planting Commonwealth has been anything but usual thus far. The whole idea of this conference came one morning while praying for other churches in San Diego, and if I can be completely honest, I assumed it wasn’t a very inspired idea and pushed it aside. It was something I continued to think about but, I had not mentioned it anyone for two weeks. Then, out of the blue, I was approached by a woman who gave a prophetic word specifically about the conference. I soon realized that this might be something Jesus is nudging us towards, and we began planning and preparing to host this healing conference. Since then, we have only picked up momentum and excitement.   

We are expecting Jesus to do remarkable things with us over these two days in San Diego, but more importantly we believe it will leave you with the tools to effectively pray for the sick the rest of your life.

Joining us over the two days are some great friends of ours and in the coming weeks we will introduce you to them through a video blog. So sign up and stay tuned!

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