Be The Family, Bless The City

One of our rally cries as we have journeyed toward planting Commonwealth has been "Be the Family, Bless the City." It's simply a phrase that helps us keep in mind some of the main reasons we are planting a church in the first place. Here's a quick look into what these phrases mean to us: 

One of the things that we are most passionate about is helping people encounter the living God, and not only encounter Him, but to realize their true identity as children of God- a.k.a - part of His family. A lot of things change for us when we step into the reality that we are part of God's family. It means that we are not alone. It means that we have a Father who is providing for us and caring for us, and who knows the best ways to live the life He's given us. It means that we belong to each other, in the ups and in the downs of life. It means that we are part of something big - bigger than we would've ever imagined, but we also have our unique, and significant place at the table. And finally, it means that we have a future and an inheritance. Children receive a inheritance of the life that their parents have built. We too have an inheritance of the life that God has created for his children. It is a small phrase, but it has huge implications for our identity and how we live our lives. We want to live as children of God, and we want to help as many people as possible to find their place in the family. 

We are a family with a purpose. It's not simply a life of enjoying community and being together, we also have been entrusted with a really important job: to join God in seeing His Kingdom take shape here on earth. God cares about this world, so much that He sent His only Son to rescue it. And now, God sends us - his children - into the world, into our cities, to share the life He has given us. We are called to not only exist within a city, but to make the city better because we live there. Jesus has give us life, so that we can freely give that same life to individuals and institutions that we come in contact with. One of the guiding questions we will continue to ask as we move forward as a church is: "Would San Diego miss us if we weren't here?"  Our hope is that we would be a gift, a blessing, to the city and that we could keep in step with God's work in renewing and restoring this world that He loves so much.