Planting Commonwealth Podcast

We’ve launched a new weekly podcast called Planting Commonwealth so that you can stay connected to our journey as we plant a church in San Diego. Each week we’ll be posting a short, informal conversation giving a few snapshots of vision components, learnings, and stories.

We want to share some vision concepts to give those listening a glimpse into who we feel called to be as a church, and some of the specific things we believe God is calling us to. One of the beautiful things about the Church worldwide is the diversity of unique cultures and callings the local churches embody within their local context.

We want to share learnings along the way because stepping out into something new almost always guarantees some learnings. We always view ourselves as explorers, not experts, and one of the things that explorers do is to sit around a campfire at the end of the day and share their experiences. Our hope is that it will give you a glimpse into who we are, and maybe even encourage some other church planters out there. 

And finally, each week, we want to share stories because we believe stories build faith and shape culture. (We actually spent most of our first episode talking about why we value storytelling.) We will be sharing at least one story each week of a way that God is moving in our everyday life. It’s important for us to share stories that are recent, and that happen in ordinary times and places so that we all remember that God wants to move through every one of us, regardless of location, occupation or gifting. Everyone gets to play. 

Also, we do have a couple more hopes as we launch this podcast:

ENCOURAGEMENT: We hope that it encourages you to recognize the ways God is moving across His Kingdom and in your own life, and that it’d give you some courage to step out in new ways. 

EQUIPPING: We will be sharing some tools on how to step into a life of risk and ministering like Jesus. We hope that these simple learnings give you some starting place and some faith to take risks in your own life to bring healing, hope and life to those in your world. 

RECRUITING: We hope that some of you listening might feel yourself resonating with the things we speak about each week, and might consider joining us in planting Commonwealth. If this is true for you, we’d love to hear from you: please contact us by email:, or through our CONNECT page. 

To listen along visit our PODCAST page, or you can access it from our app!

We hope you enjoy our podcast and enjoy following along with us as we head toward launching Commonwealth in San Diego. Thanks for listening!