Try iT Out

If you are able, and it is safe and appropriate to test out the afflicted area, try doing something that you couldn't do before, or test out something that was painful before. Just like anything, we won't know until we try, and sometimes the act of faith expressed in testing out an injury helps us to recognize the healing that God has brought. Obviously, don't do anything that would increase pain or injury, but if you are able to give it a try, check and see how you're feeling. 

Seek Medical CONSULTATion

We are not physicians, and are unable to make any kind of diagnosis regarding your body, therefore it is incredibly helpful to get the opinion and/or diagnosis of a trained medical physician. If you are taking medication or under a doctor's orders for any kind of treatment, continue with their treatment plan until you can visit them and have them re-assess your condition. This is not a lack of faith, but wisdom. We partner with God and with health-care professionals to journey toward a life of health and healing. Further, what would be more encouraging than having a medical expert confirm your healing? It will build your faith and be an incredible testimony to those who are treating your condition. 

If you have experienced Healing in some way, Share your story

Stories build faith and show others what might be possible and available to them. Almost every account of healing in the scriptures records the healed one going away rejoicing, praising God, and telling others what He had done for them. We would love to hear your story of how Jesus brought healing to your life, regardless of the severity or length of your condition. If you would, will you fill out the "Share Your Story" form on this app? You are a living picture of God's kindness and power, and if He will do it for you, He will do it for others, so be sure to share the good news.

If you have not experienced aNY IMPROVEMENT, STAY ENCOURAGED, and WE Would love to pray with you again

Like we have mentioned in the "About Healing" page, sometimes healing is a longer process. It is not a sign of a lack of God's love for you or any kind of lack of faith. Healing is a process, not a formula, and sometimes it takes more time and perseverance in prayer before seeing change or healing. Even Jesus had to pray more than once for some people (Mark 8:24) , and he lost one of His own dear friends to death (John 11 ) and knew the pain of loss. But as He raised His friend from the dead, he also promised that there will be a day when we too can be raised to life and no longer battle with pain, sickness or death. So please return as many times as you would like to Healing on the Streets. It would be our honor to pray for you every Saturday until we see you receive healing, or until Jesus returns to make all things right. 

Thank God

Healing is simply a sign of God's goodness and kindness towards us, so our best response to kindness is to simply say "thank you." More than anything else, God desires friendship with you and the ability to continue showing His kindness in your life, so it is entirely appropriate to thank Him for healing you and ask for more of His goodness in your life. If you do not yet know Jesus, it would be our greatest joy to help you get to know Him and to help you embrace the gift of eternal life that He has for you. Come back on a Saturday or contact us if you'd like to learn more about knowing Jesus.