Capitalize on complaining

One of our favorite tools on how to lead people toward an encounter with Jesus in the midst of any and every circumstance is so simple it's hard to believe it could work. . It is really gentle and easy and great way to start if you’ve never prayed for people in public.

Simply put, it’s just taking every time someone complains as an opportunity to pray for them. Life is hard, and it is normal for people to share about the challenges and the problems they are facing. But what if, instead of the regular reply of, “Wow, that’s hard. I’m so sorry,” we added in at the end, “Could I pray for you about that really quickly?” All of a sudden, every time someone tells you about their headache, or a recent breakup or a financial struggle, it becomes an opportunity for you to pray that they would encounter Jesus and see Him bring healing and life into their circumstances. 

And really, only two things can happen if you step into this:

1. You’ll begin to see God break into people’s pains and challenges and problems with His life, His healing and His solutions, or…

2. People will get tired of you always trying to pray for them and will stop complaining to you :)  

This is a great way to begin to pray with those in your life, and it is a beautiful and helpful way to express compassion. Overall, most of the people we have engaged with in this way have been really grateful for the prayer, and seem moved that someone would not only listen to them, but would pray for change.