Let Your Kingdom come,
Let Your will be done,
in San Diego as it is in heaven

As a church community, we set aside 2 times a year for 21 Days of prayer. As we head into fall, we want to establish a rhythm of setting aside intentional time to deepen our relationship with God, to listen for His voice, and to pray bold prayers for our church and our city.  The goal of this is simply encounter - getting to know God more, listening to what He might say to us, and letting Him guide and shape the next season. 

Throughout these 21 days, we will be participating in personal prayer times in addition to our weekly Sunday services. For the next three Sundays, we will also be teaching on prayer in each week's sermon. We  encourage you to join us on Sundays to worship, pray and celebrate what God is doing in our lives, and then to follow along with our 21 days of prayer devotional to guide you through a personal time of prayer each day. 


Part of the 21 day prayer journey includes setting aside time each day for personal prayer. We are encouraging you to set aside some time, even if it's just a few minutes each day, to follow along with the 21 Days of prayer guide, so we can pray through specific passages and themes each day as a community. 

You can access the prayer guide right here on the website, or you can download the Commonwealth San Diego app for free to access: in-app bible reading, a personal journal, 21 days of prayer worship playlist, easy access to the podcast, and more.

21 Days of Praying for your kids

If you are a parent, we want to encourage you as you take these 21 days to  pray over your children as well. Here are some prayer points that you can use as a guide to pray over them each day.